What are the Dimensions of the Living Room Carpet?
What are the size of the living room carpet?

There are carpets of all sizes in the mall. Before buying, it is best to know what size is most suitable.

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Why is size so important?
Different sizes of carpets can be divided into different sizes of functional areas in the room. For example, one 2 square foot carpet around the table is easy to divide the dining room.

Most of the Oriental carpets are produced in Asia and Europe, and the size of these carpets is calculated in metric.
The carpet conversion method is: 1 meter = 3.28 feet. However, when converted to feet, there will always be some changes.

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Three factors to consider when purchasing carpet size

So how do you determine what size we need? Here I recommend a formula:

Area + function + likes = size

This formula is broken down:

  • Area refers to the total area of the room where the carpet is planned to place and the exact area.
  • The function mainly refers to what the carpet area is used for, for example, it is the restaurant, bedroom or sofa area, and so on. Different functions, the size of the rug required is of course different.
  • Personal tastes.

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Here is an example, if you want to put a carpet on the living room. There is always a coffee table in the living room.
Then, first measure the area of the entire living room.
Then, consider the function of the carpet: is it just to keep the feet warm in the cold winter, or to cover a broken floor? Calculate the area that needs to be carpeted.
All of the above is all the measurement work.

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However, depending on the living environment, climate and other factors, as well as the type of flooring, the carpet will have a variety of different functions.
If there are children in the family, the carpet can play a protective role when the children run and play.
The last factor in the formula is: likes.
You may think that a small blanket under the coffee table looks better than a big one. As for the bedroom, you may want an almost full carpet, which makes you feel soft and comfortable wherever you go.

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All of the above are things to consider before buying a carpet.
Fortunately, there are carpets of all sizes, and it is not difficult to find a suitable one.

Listed below are some common models and their applicable areas.

60cm × 120cm, often placed in the bathroom, kitchen and doorway;
90cm × 150cm, usually placed in the house entrance and kitchen;

small carpet in kitchen
120cm × 180cm, usually placed at the door or under a small coffee table;
1.5m × 2.4m, which is the most common carpet size in the sofa area;

small carpet for living room

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1.8m × 2.7m, similar to 1.5m × 2.4m, is also very common;
2.1m × 3m, this size is not very common, if you need, you may need to turn more. However, this size is very practical for larger living rooms;
2.4m × 3m, as long as I hear this size, my first reaction is the living room. However, this type of carpet has many uses and can be laid under the dining table, so that even if the stool is moved backwards, the stool feet can be guaranteed on the carpet surface. Of course, it is good to shop in the living room;

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2.7m x 3.6m, this is a rug suitable for large living rooms and large dining rooms;
3m × 4.2m, this size is a bit large for the average room. However, it can be used for special purposes.
Of course, you can also find more bigger carpets. What’s more, you can customize it.
Many people have a soft spot for round carpets. Round carpets are commonly used in foyers and restaurants.

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Thanks for reviewing my article, hope these information will help you. And welcome to Rexrugs to choose hand knotted oriental silk rugs here!

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