The Secret to Add Taste to Your Interior Space

Carpet can not only be spread on the floor, but also be hung on the wall. A Persian tapestry is often used as a wall decoration in handmade carpets.

Persian tapestry

The tapestry is a major category of Persian carpets, and they are very common in Iranian carpet shops. And a large proportion of Iranian carpet dealers are specialized in selling tapestries. The tapestries are handmade, and mostly of them made by wool, some of it silk, and some of it cotton. The prices of these materials are from high to low: silk, silk wool mixed, wool, and cotton wool mixed.

The density of Persian tapestries ranges from 200 to 500 knots per square inch, but usually around 200 knots.

And Persian tapestries are usually framed and hung on the wall like paintings. The patterns are divided into natural scenery, animals, flowers and birds, characters, religious stories, etc.

iranian tapestry

handmade tapestry

Carpets for tapestries

In addition to Persian tapestries in the usual sense, handmade carpets are often hung by interior designers as wall decoration, especially Oriental rugs. The designers think it is a good way to show the beauty of the carpet by hanging it on the wall, which will let the wall not boring, but also can make the whole space stylish.

Firstly, the oriental carpets are handmade and expensive. For many people, it is equivalent to an investment. Hanging on the wall can avoid stepping them on the ground, and psychologically, everyone can accept this display.



Secondly, the color matching of oriental carpets is very particular. It is also very suitable as wall art. Each carpet has its own unique design story.

Thirdly, in addition to functionality, handmade carpets have artistic and aesthetic features that hang more to demonstrate their artistic temperament.

Fourthly, hanging the handmade carpet can highlight the owner’s unique life taste. Among many cheesy wall decorations, the handmade carpet is definitely one of the most beautiful and unique.

Therefore, the use of handmade carpet as a wall decoration is a secret weapon that makes the home more charming.

oriental area rug


Taste on the wall

Handmade carpet has been a symbol of quality life. Hanging handmade carpets on the wall is a manifestation of the owner’s unique taste. It can be said to be the taste of hanging on the wall.

There are several areas where handmade carpets are often hanged as follows:

  • The most common area for handmade carpets is the headboard. The bedroom is a relatively private space, and the decoration of this space should serve a better sleep. If the bed can be decorated with a handmade carpet, the whole space will be very soft and warm, and the color of the handmade carpet can also make the space full of life. And the environment of careful care before going to bed, and the guidelines for fullness of sleep, are all added to the space by handmade carpets.

rugs hanging on the wall above the bed

When choosing a carpet that is hung from the bed, the color of the carpet can be determined according to the main color of the bedroom. If the bedroom is a plain white tone, it can be worn with a white handmade carpet. If the color of the bedroom is colorful, you can also choose a carpet with a bright color.

antique Chinese silk carpet
The tapestry can also choose a color that is completely different from the main color of the bedroom. For example, if your bedroom is with the single tone, you can choose the colorful carpet to warm the cold sense of the space. And if the main tone of your bedroom is dark color, you can also pick a bright color tapestry to make the space not to dull.

silk rug hang on bedroom


  • The living room is also a common area for handmade carpets. The wall behind the sofa, the wall above the cabinet, etc. are all areas of common tapestries.

vintage silk rug on the wall



  • When the dining room is decorated with tapestries, just choose as many warm colors as possible, or bright color handmade carpets to create a pleasant dining environment and increase appetite.

dinning room carpet


dining room rug


Handmade carpets can be laid and hung, and hanging them is definitely more amazing than spreading on the floor, which is a simple and feasible way to increase the sense of space.

Do you hang carpets in your interior space? If not, just come here to choose any hand knotted oriental rugs as your wish to improve the taste of your space!

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