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“I was deeply attracted by oriental handmade silk rugs and carpets when I touched them for the first time at fifteen. At that time life is harder for our family with so many children, I had to study in school while doing some part-time jobs in handmade carpet shop. At first I just learned to repair handmade carpets, and mastered skills of weaving carpets gradually. And then immersed myself into handmade carpets by its unparalleled charming. Also attempted to draw some carpet patterns. When I was about twenty-five, I tried to collect some fine handmade silk carpets to sell, that’s my business start. Until now, after four decades of accumulation in the field of carpet business, we are very confident to provide every customer the perfect oriental handmade silk rugs and carpets. And our philosophy still aims to design and provide fine high-end hand knotted silk rugs and carpets for every interior places, making much aesthetic feeling to the entire space and adding warmth to the cold floor. ”


Room 2105, TJ2936, Trend Centre, 29-31
Cheung Lee Street, Chai Wan, Hong Kong



+86 13803714464
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