Passionate Rose Motifs Silk Rug

Rose is favored by most of us. Today, I would like to recommend a red rose motif handmade oriental silk rug here.

vintage hand knotted silk rug

It is a handmade silk rug which is full of romantic feelings, we call it the rose garden design rug. This silk rug measures as 6 by 9 feet, which requires the skilled weaver about 14 months to finish it. And the material is fine silk, which is made by traditional hand knotting and weaving method. The dyeing uses natural plant mineral raw materials, rejects chemical adhesives, that is environmentally friendly.

fine oriental handmade rose design silk carpet

The pattern uses a traditional Turkish motif, and the red rose with angular lines makes you see this rug just feel like placing yourself in the ocean of deep roses. Usually. the red rose symbolizes passion and true love, which makes it as a perfect present for the one you care. And the rug at this size is ideal for placing in a medium-sized living room or bedroom.

Turkish silk area rug

100% hand knotted rugs, weaving, weft, knocking, interlocking, no glue, no aldehyde, health and environmental protection.

hand knotted silk oriental rug

Made of natural silk material, dyed using natural plant mineral raw materials, odorless, mildewed.

vintage silk oriental area rug

Exquisite styles, lifelike, rich and full of color exudes a unique charm.

antique handmade silk home carpet

Rejecting mechanization, every carpet is unique, leaving the warmth and sense of exclusiveness.

Clear back details of this rug, delicate latitude and longitude nodes, showing noble quality everywhere, 100% hand knotted, with collection and use value.

traditional handwoven living room rug

Gorgeous and elegant handmade silk rug will add much warmth to your home! Additionally, this design of silk rug is also available at size 4x6ft and 3x5ft!

If you want to know more about handmade silk rugs or want to buy our rugs, please feel free to contact us by email!

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