Mysterious Magic Carpet in Casino Las Vegas

It’s reported that Las Vegas has always been famous for its busy day and night gambling venues. The gamblers from all over the world like to spend a lot of time and money to make a quick buck.

Las Vegas

Therefore, in order to attract gamblers and allow them to be able to keep their state up and running 24 hours a day, the casino has also made great efforts. The ornate carpets shown in the following photos are specifically designed by the casino to attract customers.

the most famous casino in Las Vegas-1the most famous casino in Las Vegas-1

the most famous casino in Las Vegas-2the most famous casino in Las Vegas-2

When Chris Maluszynski, who was 35 years old, has ever stayed at the Las Vegas casino four years ago, and he accidentally discovered the gorgeous carpets in the hotel and casino. And then he began to collect these carpet patterns and designs, which includes the carpets at famous hotels such as MGM Grand, Bellagio, Luxor and Flamingo.

the carpet for Bellagio hotel in Las Vegasthe carpet for Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas

Chris said: “I think Las Vegas is the most bizarre place in the world. It is such a strange thing that there is such a neon flashing metropolis in the central part of the Great Desert. Every corner of the city, whether in the city center or in various corners, there are always a variety of temptations attracting tourists. So I tried to look at the ground, hoping to have relax, but found on the ground It’s also full of colorful carpets, that makes people feel exuberant. And the carpets here are often unique that you can’t find from other places, and the people who designed the carpets certainly took a lot of efforts, so it’s also a unique landscape of Las Vegas.”

the carpet in Casino hotelsthe carpet in Casino hotels

The carpets in hotels and gambling halls often give people a great sense of sensation. Anyone who sees these carpets will find themselves refreshed and suddenly feel very clear. In addition, casinos often do not have windows so that the gamblers often don’t know the exact time while gambling, but when they see these gorgeous carpets, they feel that they are still in good spirits.

the carpet in the casino is more green and redthe carpet in the casino is more green and red

the carpet with wheel pattern in Casinothe carpet with wheel pattern in Casino

the carpet of Luxor Hotel in Las Vegasthe carpet of Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas

Dr. David Schwartz of the Center for Gaming Research in Nevada said: “The carpets in the casinos tend to be vulgar, but they can stimulate the gambling desire of gamblers. In many casinos. The carpets are all wheeled patterns — the ancient Romans see it as a symbol of constant pursuit for wealth. These carpets are just like reminding gamblers that life and luck are fleeting, so in this extremely short time learn to enjoy all the fun of life.”


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