Look at the Difference of Home with Carpet and without Carpet

Many people will put carpets in the room, because after placing the carpet, the room not only looks very warm, but also we will feel very comfortable stand on it. So do not overlook the role of a carpet in the home. Let’s see the difference of home with a carpet and without a carpet.

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Now, how about it? Is it a big difference! In addition to aesthetics, many families choose to place carpets because of these benefits:

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1. Improve air quality:

The surface fluff of the carpet can capture and absorb the dust particles floating in the air, effectively improving the indoor air quality.

2. Comfortable feet feel:

The comfortable foot feel that walks on the carpet is incomparable to other ground materials.

3. Carpet safety:

Different from other hard floor coverings such as marble and ceramic tiles that are very fragile, carpets are very safe, especially for those family with seniors and children, since the carpet can prevent them from tripping and hurting.

4. Sound insulation effect:

The carpet has excellent sound absorption, which absorbs noise and reduces noise levels. With its tightly ventilated structure, the carpet absorbs and insulates sound waves and has good sound insulation.

5. Insulation barrier function:

The insulation and barrier function of the carpet will make the room in the winter, blocking the coolness of the ground. When the air conditioner is turned on in summer, the low temperature in the room is not easy to escape through the ground.


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