How to Choose Handmade Silk Rug

Silk rugs are the most expensive of the handmade rugs. Because of its silk texture, the gloss is very high, it will form different visual effects under different light, and it is especially suitable for summer use.


The cool foot feeling can dissolve the compelling summer heat. The silk rug production in the world is based on Iran, Turkey and other oriental countries. The products are extremely delicate and the knots are up to 300-500 knots per foot. Due to the fine processing of the silk rug, the beautiful color of the pattern, and the unique natural luster, the price is very expensive, but it is very popular.


The first point to choose the right rug is the price. The rugs have different prices because of their different uses, different materials and different workmanship. The market price of silk handmade rugs is generally in the price of several thousand dollars or tens of thousands of dollars. The reason why the price is expensive is because the silk rug is very cumbersome in the process of production, and it has received the restriction of the process.

One two square meter silk handmade rug production cycle generally takes 8 to 12 months or even longer, and because the production process is too old and can not be mechanized on a large scale, now this kind of silk rug and handmade wool rug. The production process has been listed as China’s intangible cultural heritage.



The silk rugs on the market are mainly divided into silk and rayon. Although the rayon rugs are also handmade, the materials are different and the prices are quite different. However, some people use rayon to pretend to be sold as a silk rug. So what if you want to distinguish silk rugs? In fact, there is no good way! It is difficult for ordinary people to distinguish. Professionals generally use the five steps of watching, touching, counting, burning and smelling to determine the authenticity of a silk


The genuine silk rugs mainly depends on whether the rug surface is flat, whether the texture and color of the pattern are clear, and the light can not be seen through the look. This is just a foundation.oriental-area-rug-silk-persian-carpet


Silk rugs are very smooth, whether you are along the lines or horizontal textures, and rayon is a bit breeze, but not very professional people or practitioners from the silk rug industry can not see this subtle difference.fine-oriental-silk-area-rug


Just look at the bottom back of the rug, there are several slots in 33mm, generally a braided buckle is a slot. For example, one slot is 10 lines, and 30 slots are 300 lines. Generally, the lines of silk rugs is more than 230, and the silk rugs below 220 can be rayon. Because in the case of the same labor costs, very few people will use rayon to weave a lot of rugs. If it is found to be rayon material, it will not sell a good price, and it will also cost a lot of work.

Burn and smell:

Burning and smelling is the most effective way to accurately determine whether silk or rayon is the material, but it is also the most difficult to sit on. Because it takes a few grooves of yarn from the rug to burn. If the rayon is ignited, it will be coked, and the taste will be pungent. When the silk is ignited, it will not be coked. Once it is crushed, it will become a powder with astringent taste. However, this destructive action will often make the film look like a life. The seller or the collector is not welcome in the eyes.antique-silk-persian-rug



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