How to Choose A Right Carpet for Bedroom?

Placing a carpet in a bedroom, on one hand, can make it look more stylish. On the other hand, stepping on the carpet with your bare feet is very comfortable. Therefore, more and more people choose to place carpets in bedroom. But how to choose a right carpet for your bedroom?

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Bedroom carpet – room matching

For the choice of the appropriate carpet color, the principle of color first is followed, and then make the decision on the basis of the bedroom furniture.

Here is a simple way to choose the color of the carpet: several main shades in the bedroom are used as a component of the carpet color.

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After you have determined the color of the carpet, then you should consider the pattern and style of the carpet. This is crucial and often determines the style of the entire bedroom. Whether it is modern or classical, fashionable or classic, it can be expressed through carpets, and even a unique bedroom style can be created.

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Bedroom carpet – carpet usage

Usually, the carpet is placed at the door of the bedroom or under the bed, the size of the carpet is usually the best size. This can both beautify the bedroom and clean the bedroom.

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The carpet in the bedroom needs to be able to create some warm romantic atmosphere, so that the pink is the main one. The carpet is placed in the bedroom to create a warm atmosphere for the bedroom environment, so the texture of the carpet is very important. Some long, fluffy, pink-based rugs designed for the bedroom are a good choice.

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Bedroom carpet – carpet quality

In general, the quality of the carpet is related to the length of the service life. Regardless of the texture of the carpet selected, the quality of the superior carpet requires no damage, no stains, no wrinkles, chromatic aberrations, streaks and repair marks, and the edges of the carpet are not bent. When choosing a carpet, you should also observe the back of the carpet. The back of the carpet is not laid off or glued.

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Nowadays, carpets are generally divided into woven and artificial. Before buying a carpet, it is necessary to distinguish whether the carpet is hand woven or machine made. This is because some machine made carpets often have problems such as wrinkles, chromatic aberration, lint, and discoloration.

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These are the three ways to choose a bedroom carpet. If you follow these three methods, you can definitely choose the most suitable bedroom carpet. Of course, Rexrugs offers you more choices on handmade silk rugs here!


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