How Often Should It Take to Vacuum the Carpet?

Sometimes, you will have questions that how often should it take to vacuum the carpet in the house?

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There are many advantages of carpets, such as good elasticity, beautiful appearance, sound absorption, etc. Although the biggest disadvantage of carpets is that it is troublesome to take care of, but as long as the dust is cleaned in time and properly maintained, the service life of the carpet is still quite long.

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Decontamination Tricks:
  1.  Contaminants such as tea, coffee, soy sauce or beer: You can use a special cleaning solution such as carpet cleaning solution, borax solution or washing liquid, and remove it with a brush repeatedly, then clean it with water.
  2. Sticky substances such as ketchup and sauce: The stain can be absorbed and removed by a water-absorbent object such as a napkin, and then brushed repeatedly with a brush and rinsed with water.
  3. Lipids such as egg white, milk, ice cream, etc.: first wash with warm water and washing liquid, then use special volatile degreaser to remove fat. Reminder: You cannot use hot water. Because the protein is easily cured by heat, it is difficult to remove the scale and deform the carpet.
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Daily Maintenance:

Where the leg of the furniture touches the carpet, the cushion should be placed or the furniture should be moved frequently; in addition to the protection of the worn parts, the position can be changed. Since the dust is easily accumulated in the surface fibers of the carpet, the best method is to vacuum the pile in the direction of the surface, so that the carpet can be kept clean.

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Carpet cleaning experts recommend that the carpet be vacuumed once a week. The current vacuum cleaners are purely suction type, tapping rod type and brush type rotary type, which are suitable for carpets with tight piles; Use only vacuum cleaners with suction function. In addition, the last push when using the vacuum cleaner should be carried out in the direction of the pile.

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It is worth noting that when cleaning, do not use tools with teeth or rough edges, which will damage the carpet surface fibers. If there is a mane on the carpet, wipe it with a clean towel and soak it in a hot water, comb it straight with a comb, and iron it with a wet cloth on the iron pad to restore the original shape.

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