Do You Use Tapestry to Decorate Your Home?

The tapestry is not only decorative, but also enjoyable. The characteristics of it with time reflected make this art have a certain collection value.

Tapestry can improve the grade of home decoration. Many people in modern life also have tapestries in their homes to show their unique taste. So what is a tapestry? How to choose a tapestry for the wall?

What is A Tapestry?

Tapestry, also known as “wall hanging rug”, has the same materials and weaving methods as rugs for interior wall decoration.

The woven rug is divided into two types: wool woven and silk woven. The wool woven tapestry is woven with wool, and the silk rug is woven with pure silk and gold and silver thread.

How to Choose a Wall Tapestry?
  • material selection
    There are many kinds of tapestry on the market, such as wool, artificial wool, plant weaving, etc. We must deeply understand the characteristics of these materials. First of all, the material of animal hair is generally warmer and softer, and it is not easy to remove hair. Artificial hair is not necessarily, and the artificial wool tapestry is also relatively easy to remove hair. Tapestry of plant weaving generally gives people a feeling of bluntness, so it is generally recommended that you choose the first two materials to be relatively suitable. For consumers who like tapestry, materials are especially important.

  • size selection
    When we buy tapestries, if we don’t pay attention to measure the size, the tapestry will affect the actual decorations.
  • details
    Generally, the tapestry bought is recommended not to be exposed to the sun and washed frequently. After all, rug cleaning often affects the service life of the tapestry. In addition, after the cleaning, the tapestry is best to be sun-dried in the sun, and it must be collected in time to prevent insects. So we suggest that you better sprinkle some moth-proof mothballs and so on.

  • pattern and color selection
    In order to combine the style and color of the decoration of the house, only a reasonable match will make the tapestry show its beauty well, and the overall home atmosphere will be unified and coordinated.

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