Carpet Knowledge|Material and Display Method of Wall-to-wall Carpet

The wall-to-wall carpet is meant to be laid on the entire floor between the two walls of the room. When the width of the room is more than the width of the carpet, the method of cutting and splicing according to the indoor area can be used to achieve the full shop. The bottom of the carpet can be directly glued with the floor, and it can also be used to tighten the surface of the carpet so that there is little slippage between the carpet and the floor, and the nail is positioned around the wall root. Carpets are commonly used in homes, wards, conference rooms, offices, halls, guest rooms, corridors, and more.

The wall-to-wall carpets are divided into several categories according to the material: handmade carpet, ethnic carpet, Wilton carpet, Axminster carpet.

The features of wall-to-wall carpet:

Handmade carpet: Hand made with natural fiber, it has elasticity, good ventilation and strong three-dimensional pattern, which belongs to the high-end carpet. Suitable for living rooms, upscale rooms and some reception areas.

Tufted carpet: Bold pattern, bright colors, fuller piles and rich variety. Suitable for offices, hotels and other places.

Wilton carpet: Semi-combed spinning, flat, clear and full, with sound insulation, warmth and comfort. Suitable for hotels and conventions.

Axminster rug: The surface is natural, rough, rich in patterns, special in craftsmanship, not easily deformed, suitable for public areas such as the lobby, banquet halls and some corridors.

Is is good for the bedroom to spread the wall-to-wall carpets?
The advantages of placing carpet in bedroom:

Aesthetics, moisture absorption, sound absorption and changing the quality of the air, thereby increasing the environmental index.
Another role is decoration. The three-dimensional sense is strong, the pattern is transparent, individuality and safety, and the indoor environment of the whole room is matched, so that the mood is better and comfortable.

Disadvantages of bedroom carpeting:
  • Corners are not easy to clean.
  • Not easy to clean.
  • Easy to breed aphids.

It depends on personal hobbies and overall home style to decide place the wall-to-wall carpet or not. If you choose to place the wall-to-wall carpet, pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance to avoid the growth of bacteria and mites.

How to place the wall-to-wall carpets?

Before placing this kind of carpet, the specific size and shape of the floor should be measured. If there is a door or an empty circle, the carpet at the door or the empty circle is connected with the carpet in the room.

When purchasing a carpet, the cutting loss rate is about 0.5% to 1% of the length of the carpet. Clean the floor before laying the carpet.

Use a floating method or a sticking method to place the carpet. It is not advisable to have long seams in the room. The cut edge of the non-full carpet should be at the root of the wall.

When placing, pay attention to the direction of the pile in one direction. Especially for scenery, animals, and plant patterns, pay special attention.


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