A Few Popular Kinds of Oriental Silk Rugs

With over 40 years adherence in handmade silk rug industry, Rexrugs gets expertise accumulation and market experience. Today, I will recommend a few kind of popular oriental handmade silk rugs.

Persian style

As we all know, Persian rugs own a long history of rug weaving and production, which can be traced back to 2,500 years ago, and it has been favored by the world with its simple and elegant patterns and exquisite craftsmanship. For example, the classic Persian pattern – Dome design. Although the development of local Persian rugs have gradually declined with the changes of the times, the timeless classic Persian styles are still sought after by people all over the world.

Persian silk area rug

Turkish style

Although Turkish rugs are not so famous as Persian rugs, the Turkish rugs also have many followers. Its style reflects the life of the local nomads. The composition of the rug desing is simple and natural, the color is mainly composed of cold and warm tones matching, while retaining some original totems and marks, bringing an antique feeling.

Turkish silk rug

Contemporary style

With the development of history, the pattern style of handmade rugs has also changed unconsciously. It is no longer just the traditional Persian or Turkish style. The bolder styles are gradually integrated into the patterns of handmade silk rugs. For example, the handmade silk rug shown below are very unique in design and won the American Luxury Carpet Award in 2008. Carpets of this style are now more and more popular among people at home and abroad.

modern Turkish silk rug

Chinese style

In fact, China’s carpet culture also has a very long history, but the previous handmade silk rugs were only used exclusively by the aristocrats of the palace, and rarely appeared in the homes of ordinary people. This led to the vast majority of people’s knowledge of handmade rugs is very limited. During the Republic of China, China’s hand-woven carpet industry has been very prosperous. There are about three hundred carpet factories only in Beijing, and all the carpets produced are used for export. The pattern of the carpet has gradually added some Chinese elements and gradually transformed into a true Chinese style.

Vintage Chinese silk rug

oriental Chinese silk rugs

Is there any style of these four kinds of oriental silk rug styles your cup of tea?

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