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Participating in tennis is one of the best ways to spend your free time and this is because of the many of the benefits this sporting activity comes with to our health. Tennis is a form of a workout that facilitates the burning of fats and calories in the body, thus minimizing the overall bodyweight and enhancing its flexibility. The other reason why tennis is a crucial form of a sport is that it helps one to interact with other players, thus making new friends and getting relieved from stress, depression, and anxiety that might be coming from the loneliness of work. To, however, enjoy these and many other benefits that come with tennis games, you need to make sure that your tennis serve power is at par. There are several challenges that you are likely to encounter during your tennis serve improvement process. Most of the successful tennis players around the world have been able to easily boost their tennis serve because of the guidance from the various recommended tips. The aim of our discussion is to explore some of the key tips that can help any tennis player increase his or her tennis serve and become a successful player in the long run.
One of the greatest hindrances to the smooth swinging of the racquet when playing tennis can be a forehand grip, something that many of the tennis players tend to have, and because of this, it also becomes challenging for them to boost their serve, hence the need for having a continental grip. Platform stance and pinpoint stance are the two basic ways to stand when serving a tennis ball, hence the need to choose the one that increases your serving power. It is crucial to make sure that the stance you choose gives you an upper hand when it comes to tennis serving despite its pros and cons. When your arms and hands are in too much tension, you end up being unable to properly swing the racquet, and for this reason, therefore, your overall tennis serving power is greatly limited, hence the need to have your arms and hands relaxed during the game. The rate of your temp at the beginning will also greatly determine how your tennis serve becomes at the end, hence the need to not start with very high speed at fast. The other very crucial tip for increasing your tennis serve is rotating your body at the from the court when starting to serve. The angle of the shoulders to the ground can also determine how powerful one’s tennis serve will be.

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