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The Philosophy of Rexrugs aims to design and provide fine high-end hand knotted silk rugs and carpets for every interior places, making much aesthetic feeling to the entire space and adding warmth to the cold floor.

After decades of hardworking, Rexrugs has been a rapidly growing company, expanding its business lines both online and offline. Owning over 5,000 pieces handmade silk rugs and 1,200 handmade wool carpets inventory along with thousands of exquisite designs, Rexrugs ensures every customer will find the perfect rugs here among our vast fine handmade rugs array in various size, style, color and designs.

Our unremitting efforts are the winning formula. We constantly invite professional rug designers, interior designers, experienced rug dealers and young talented designers to enrich and improve the ability of our design team. Every rug is finished with strict supervision to reach the quality standard.

Our Design Team Numbers of Handmade Silk Rugs

Handmade Silk Rugs Designers – We are very confident to say we have assembled one of the best teams of handmade silk rugs designers in the field of carpet. Our team of handmade silk rugs is made up of some professional rug designers with many years designing experience. We also welcome young talented interior designers to absorb the bold innovation and ideas to add vitality of rug designing. Therefore, you will see many unique charming handmade rugs with bold color matching and delicate floral details, or we can call these rugs as contemporary Turkish rugs. Whether you are interested in classically designed oriental Persian rugs and carpets or contemporary Turkish silk rugs and carpets, we are here to answer any questions you raise. So please feel free to contact us with any inquiry you have, whether you are considering a vintage Persian rug, or if you want to customize a special order, just tell us your requirements, we will try our best to assist you every step of the way.

Turkish Carpet Designer

I am the younger interior designer among these professional rug designers in Rexrugs. And I’m very honored of Mr.

Iranian Rug Designer

As the primary rug designer in Rexrugs, I know the importance of responsibility of this job.

Business Owner

I was deeply attracted by oriental handmade silk rugs and carpets when I touched them for the first time at fifteen.

Rexrugs Oriental Silk Rugs

Due to decades of accumulation in the field of carpet business, strict quality control and responsibility to customers, Rexrugs owns the ability to provide more than 5,000 pieces handmade silk rugs and carpets and 1,200 handmade wool carpets that makes your purchasing easier to choose the perfect oriental handmade silk rugs and carpets with so vast available inventory. Besides, we also provide special customized order if you have a unique design even just one piece.

Purchasing oriental rugs and carpets from Rexrugs, you not only get beautiful work of art, but also valuable treasure from generation to generation with time passed by.


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